Sunday, August 16, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere....

Because we decided that the best way to enjoy this trip would be to drive no more than 300 miles per day, we stopped in Lake Winnesota, northeast of Eau Claire, WI. Wisconsin is truly a beautiful state with rolling farmland and neat-as-a-pin big red barns. Nearly every town boasted signs advertising fresh produce, so naturally we did our part to help the local economies. After David did some research we decided to head to Voyageur’s National Park near International Falls, MN. So the next day we took off, making an exception to our rule and putting in a full day of driving. We arrived to cooler temperatures than we’d yet experienced and I was ruefully pondering my wardrobe choices when packing for this trip. We found that Voyageur’s National Park is made up of many waterways, and there are very few places to tent camp, let alone bring in a camper, so we opted to set up at a private campground. Rainy Lake on the western edge of the park certainly lived up to its name and the temperature reflected the cool front that moved in. The visitor’s center was very well done with great taxidermy of the local wildlife and a thorough history, including a wonderful Canadian-produced film on the French Voyageurs used the waterways during the height of the fur trade. We were hoping to hop a boat and go on a guided tour of the park, since that is the most highly recommended way to see it, but the weather didn’t cooperate.

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