Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Onward and U.P.ward...

After the zany first night, things indeed got easier. We headed on to Maumee Bay State Park in northern Ohio and found a delightful camping experience. Of course being on the water was a big plus, but it was very open and you had the feeling you were camping in a big meadow. We really put the bicycles to good use and covered a lot of ground in this very spread out park. Of course, we accidentally left our folding outdoor chairs behind as we jockeyed for space when loading the bikes, but so far it has been worth it. (We have since picked up a couple of new outdoor chairs so we can sit in comfort by the campfire.)The next few days were spent in Bay City, MI with David's childhood friend, Doug Cummings. Doug and his wife, Joan, graciously entertained us and allowed us to do some much needed laundry. We enjoyed the visit and getting to see their beautiful daughter-in-law, Lisa and grandsons,Connor and Aidan. After getting our leaking sink repaired, we were off to Mackinac Island and the Upper Penninsula or the "U.P." as the locals say. We brought rainy weather with us and much cooler temps challenged our clothing choices from available wardrobe.
Mackinac Island is a magical exudes charm from the horse-drawn carriages, wagons and taxis to the colorful flowers, sherbet colored Victorian houses and sweet churches. Truly it is a photographer's dream as there are photo ops everywhere. David and I paid to take a peek at the Grand Hotel (the setting for the movie, "Somewhere In Time")and it certainly lived up to its name.

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