Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little Spaces...

I think everyone wonders how David and I are doing living in the small confines of a a 19-plus-foot trailer. The short answer is surprisingly well. Really, so much of our time is spent soaking up each and every minute outdoors, it doesn't seem anything other than cozy, at least that's my take. I don't think David would disagree, either. It is certainly more substancial than our tent and I have to admit that having a bathroom inside it a BIG plus- O.K. you can call me spoiled! At any rate, we are managing quite nicely. I have learned to cook with just three pans; a saucepan, iron skillet and a covered corningware dish. David and I have both agreed, that living in this fashion underscores the whole idea that we (and most of our society)could get along just fine with a whole lot less.

1 comment:

  1. Less is More, Baby! Dad used to say "Don't let your possessions own you." Sounds like you guys are having a Zen experience... you, nature and the private bath/toilet, AC, heat, microwave, fridge, lime green trash liners, matching service set, gourmet huckleberry ice cream, etc... Sign me up!