Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From the Valley of Death to the Valley of Fire...

Escaping the traffic tie-up in Las Vegas, we traveled about 40 minutes northeast and found ourselves in a very flat plain, with little vegetation and some rock outcroppings on the horizon. We thought we had gotten the wrong directions as this place looked nothing like a park. But, as we drove into the rocks as our ‘Garmin Girl’ told us to do, we were treated to the most glorious sight. Up close, the red rocks were the most amazing shapes and they were turning an intense salmon/terracotta color as the sun was setting. It almost looked as though the hand of a giant sculptor had just put down mounds of red clay in preparation for casting pottery. We were in the Valley of Fire, Nevada’s oldest state park dedicated in 1935. The temperature cooled down with a lovely dry breeze and we slept with all the windows open –it was so restful! I would have liked to have stayed a little longer, but as the sun rose the next morning, you could tell the heat was going to be intense and we thought it best to get a move on.

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